The test structure is broadly divided into four sections which is further distributed into 3 parts. The different and essential sections as mentioned above are:

PTE Academics Here are the 4 pivotal steps that will take you to the success point in PTE test, Follow along.

All the test (Speaking, Writing and Reading) are tested which is evaluated through computer system while in the listening test, the voice of the applicants are duly recorded in a way to make the examination error-free.


READING: It consist of objective questions like Multiple choice, fill in the blanks, reading and re-writing the paragraph etc. Time Duration: 30-40 minutes

LISTENING: Here you need to answer both objective and subjective questions. MCQ, fill in the blanks, Look for the missing words, highlight theRigh paragraph and thereby throw light on the wrongly framed sentences. You will be ask to submit the synopsis of the spoken content. Also you need to pen down the dictation. Time Duration: 45-57 mins

SPEAKING & WRITING: This test is divided into two parts, Lets check it briefly:

In this part, main focus is thrown on the candidate’s speaking and writing competence. This start with your intro wherein you can speak out as many things about yourself as you want to. Although this doesn’t count any score for you but you get the opportunity to give information regarding your personality so that the data could be forwarded to the chosen universities and institutions.
Here, The examinee will be provided with an audio clip, in return to what s/he needs to answer over microphone. The motive of this section is to make the candidate speak aloud, giving descriptions of the given picture, doing repetitive attempts of reading the sentences and lectures, compiling the written text, writing on given topics, and answer to questions in brief.